Have you ever wondered if there's more to offer your patients?

Whether you simply don’t have the one-on-one time available and need expert assistance, or whether you’d like training and expansion of your services to deliver better patient results to optimize the health of your patients and your practice, what if you could pair with not just a consultant, but a partner?

If you’re a healthcare provider, we can help you and your practice to develop the next level of patient services, results, safety, and satisfaction. We want your practice and your patients to succeed at the highest possible level! Whether you need help deciding on the best custom compound prescriptions based on specific patient labs and symptoms, one-time review, or training on protocols offered to improve or expand services, or an ongoing VIP membership for regular assistance of all kinds, we’re here to help, and exactly how you need it.

  • Provider VIP CO-OP: Advanced Medication Therapy & Disease State Management
  • Patient Workup & Prescribing Assistance (Ex: Custom Hormone Analysis & Prescribing, Thyroid, Weight Management, etc.)
  • Clinical Rx Protocol Review, Recommendations & Training (Ex: IV Nutritional Therapy, Weight Management, Hormones, etc.)
  • Men's Health Training - Hormone Optimization, Sexual Health, etc.
  • Women's Health Training - Hormone Optimization, Sexual Health, Reproductive Health, etc.
  • Weight Management (Initial & Plateau Busting Phases)
  • Nutrition & Supplementation (Weight Management, Immunity/Sensitivities, Detox, etc.)
  • Stress, Fatigue, & Sleep Management
  • Gastrointestinal & Immune Management
  • Month-to-Month Membership Packages for Ongoing VIP Support - Maximize
  • Patient Results, Safety, & Revenue
  • More

Just submit the quick form here and we'll reach out ASAP, and don't worry, there's no obligation or pressure. Our mission is to help level up your practice to deliver the best patient results, safety, and satisfaction through advanced services unavailable at most providers, which in turn means increased revenue for you as well.

"Enrolling in the functional medicine training program led by Casey Greene has been a transformative journey for me. As someone deeply passionate about the potential of functional medicine to change lives, I was eager to find a training opportunity that matched my busy lifestyle of running a business while raising two young children. This program offered just that—a flexible, personalized approach that allowed me to delve into specific areas most relevant to my practice, without the daunting time commitment and financial investment required by more traditional routes. 

The one-on-one training setup was perfect, providing tailored information, learning resources, and protocols that have been instrumental in enhancing my ability to serve my patients better. Casey Greene, with his rich background in pharmacy, brought a depth of knowledge and expertise that enriched the learning experience. His approachability, intelligence, and sincere commitment to patient care—extending to the success of his trainees—were truly remarkable. 

A highlight of my training journey was the specialized focus on women’s bioidentical hormones, graciously led by Zoom Heaton. Her expertise, grounded in over a decade of practice, offered profound insights and guidance in an area I was particularly eager to master. This intensive training has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to pursue hormone balance with natural, nutritional, and bioidentical solutions.  

Beyond the invaluable learning, the ongoing support provided by Casey and Zoom as we apply our newfound skills with patients is reassuring. It's a reminder that this training does not end with the last session but continues as a supportive partnership aimed at fostering success in our individual practices. 

I am immensely grateful for this extraordinary opportunity. The functional medicine training with Casey Greene and Zoom Heaton at Revelation has not only expanded my professional toolbox but has also ignited a deeper passion for holistic patient care. It is an experience I would highly recommend to any healthcare provider looking to make a profound impact on their patients' lives through functional medicine."

Britt Driggers PA-C, MMS
Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner 
Owner, ReplenishIV